In the summer, we want our nails to reflect our energy as well as our clothes. Whether you’re looking for summer nails for the beach or looking for summer nails for daily use, any style should reflect the beautiful energy of summer and the sun. For this, it is absolutely important to choose the right color and design.

If you are thinking about what are summer nail models or how to get summer nails, you are in the right place. In this list, we’ll show you the designs and colors you should apply for a stunning and flawless nail this summer. Summer nails with designs and summer nail colors can indeed completely transform your manicure and take it to the next level. This summer you can become glamorous with your impressive nails and the energy of the sun. Let’s look at 15 designs for expressive summer nails!


1. Almond Shape Nails

Almond shape nails will be one of the most popular nail shapes this summer. If you have chosen one of the almond shaped nails, you can experiment with different colors and shades of nail polishes to take it to the next level. Both artistic and trendy look will be at your fingertips with almond shape nails for summer.

2. Sea and Wavy Patterns on Nails

There is nothing like cooling off in the sea on a hot summer day. To carry the relaxing effect of the sea to your nails, you can try wave patterned nail models in blue tones. With these blue summer nails, you can combine the serenity of blue with nail polish in a wavy form to create a different style and make it look on the beach this summer.


3. Delicate Flowers

Everyone loves flowers and everyone’s favorite flower is different, right? Yellow daisies and sunflowers, purple lavenders or pink roses, whichever you love, flowers will bloom on your nails this summer. Summer nails with flowers in this part of the list are ready to carry the colors of nature to your nails this summer.


4. Neon Summer Nails Designs

Another thing that comes to mind when it comes to summer is bright lights. Combining the bright lights of summer with neon nail polish, these designs will keep all eyes on you not only during the day but also at night. Be the star of the whole day with this year’s trends neon pink summer nails and neon green summer nails.


5. Bright Summer Nails

Wanna blend with the sparkling yellow sunshine and bright blue beaches this summer? Or wouldn’t you like nails that match your cocktail at the beach bar? Let’s start this summer adventure with your nails and try out fun bright summer nail colors.


6. Rose Gold Nails

If you are looking for a nail color that is still in fashion, you should definitely try rose gold nail models this summer. Yes, we are talking about a pinkish metallic, sparkling chrome effect color that we cannot take our eyes off. Rose gold nail polish is one of the trendy but stylish colors of this summer. It’s not just baby pink, it’s richer tones or tougher tones of copper or a rusted penny tone. We searched the internet to inspire you and find the right color. Here are the models that are attached to our eyes.


7. Colorful French Tips

Another world femme that we love for its simplicity and elegant appearance is the classic French manicure. Classic white tip line and nude base. Well, how about upgrading your classic French manicure with a little summer energy and making it more lively. Take a look at the wonderful examples of colorful French tips for the summer we have selected for you, I’m sure you’ll want to try a few of them.

8. Picnic and Fruit nail designs

Don’t you want to carry the picnic vibe on your nails? With nail designs for summer, decorated with summer fruits and picnic blanket, you will be the favorite person of hot barbecue parties and beachside picnic invitations. Just make sure every corner of the picnic blanket is super sharp. You can also try nail stickers for fruit models.


9. Rainbow Summer Nails

Rainbow manicures have been very popular on Instagram for the past few years and have a well-deserved reputation. Because although these colorful manicures seem like a different color nail polish applied to each nail, it has improved a lot over time and new models such as rainbow colored French manicures or rainbow nail art have emerged. We’ve listed some rainbow nail models for you to try this summer.


10. Round Nails

If you’re looking for summer nails that go with everything then round nails are for you. This stylish and simple nail shape fits any style. When you paint in brighter and lighter colors for summer, you can achieve a striking beauty with a classic look. Alternatively, you can reach a new level in your style if you pair it with nude nail polish.

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