Manicure for men is far from a novelty in the modern world, but still not everyone is ready to accept it. You may be hearing about men’s nail art for the first time? Or, you might think that nail art is a female-only process. However, this is not entirely true. Because everyone should have well-groomed and beautiful nails, no matter who it is – a woman or a man.

The history of nail art for men began with celebrities, in particular, rock singers, then the actors often decorated their nails with designs. But now nail design for men has become a standard cosmetic procedure, for which more and more men are turning to salons. And not because they are somehow different or belong to certain types of professions, but, first of all, because it is beautiful.

Therefore, if you want to keep up with the times and meet all the trends, down with prohibitions and prejudices, choose your own design of men’s manicure and hurry to a professional nail salon, because modern men can not only cut their nails, but also paint them, decorating them with a variety of nail art designs.

Let’s take a closer look at the trends in nail design for men for 2022. 


Manicures with Hieroglyphs

A very mysterious, unassuming and extremely stylish nail design for man can be obtained with hieroglyphs, which are offered in the form of sliders, which is very convenient. Small colored accents in the form of bright strokes will add originality.

Manicure Smears for men

Do you want to get an interesting manicure for men, the experts actively use different techniques, among which there will be brush strokes. Such a technique fits perfectly into the trendy men’s nail art, giving it lightness and originality.

Abstract male nail style

By combining brush strokes, stripes, geometric patterns, dots, paint splashes, “negative space” and other designs, you can get a unique abstract and contemporary nail art. 

Insects and bugs nail designs

An amazing nail design for men is presented with different types of insects and bugs, the images of which can be used on each nail. And bright strokes of paint, which are a substrate for such a bold nail art, will help attract attention.

Male nails with images of animals

For animal lovers, a good idea for the men’s nail design, is the option with the image of animals on the nails. It can be as pets, for example, cats or dogs, as well as wild and predatory animals, for example, a shark or a snake.

Men’s manicure with Stickers

The presence of stickers will significantly save time on creating an up-to-date manicure with drawings. Fortunately, there are many types of stickers on different themes, so there is plenty to choose from. The main thing is to warn the experts in advance about the desired drawings on the nails in the form of stickers so that they are available.

Men’s manicure with Splashing paint

A bold, daring and brutal manicure for men, which will surely please every man, is offered in a matte design with black paint splashes. A similar effect can also be obtained by using black flakes on your nails, controlling their saturation and density.

Male nail art with Smileys

Young and cheerful guys should definitely like a manicure with smileys, which can be different – bright or discreet. Smileys and emojis on nails are also the choice of many celebrities and celebrities, therefore, we recommend giving them a try, decorating them, for example, with thumbs.

Bright nail designs for men

For striking personalities who love spectacular images, we offer the same version of a manicure for men. Bright colors of varnishes – blue, green, yellow, scarlet, light green, mint, orange, etc. will be the basis for a bright male nail design. It is imperative to complement them with “negative space” and stylish patterns in the form of fine lines and geometry, and the holographic varnish “cat’s eye” will add sophistication to such a manicure.

Manicure in the style of ” bubble nails”

You can get a beautiful textured effect using the “bubble nails” technique, which involves the use of any foam on wet varnish, resulting in beautiful textured patterns on the nails. Foam manicures in black for men look especially stylish.


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