Are you one of those who can not wear any color other than red nail polish on cold winter days? We have good and bad news for you. We start with the bad: You won’t want to wear red nail polish for a while. The good news is, thanks to the fun and assertive nail art models, you will never miss the red nail polish. We have compiled 10 nail art models that best suit the autumn and winter seasons for you! You can create extraordinary nail looks by choosing one each week.

Elegant Appearance

If you like elegant styles in nail art models, you can choose the harmony of black and powder color. Bronze glitter nail polishes, which suit autumn very well, will also add a different atmosphere to the nail art.

Editor’s suggestion: After applying the nail polish, you can apply a layer of shine on it, so that the nail polish stays both more permanent and brighter.

White Hands

One of the most suitable colors for autumn is white. If you want to add a light color instead of applying plain white nail polish, we recommend mixing white and light pink. After applying the light pink nail polish to the bottom of the nail, you can apply the white nail polish with mother-of-pearl glitters to the rest. In order to do this, you can achieve the perfect transition with the help of make-up sponges.

Editor’s suggestion: Before applying the light color nail polish, you can also add a mysterious glow to your nails by choosing a pearlescent white nail polish as a base, we love this method!

Luminous Nail Art

If you want to add a difference to the nude color nail polish, you can apply a silvery nail polish to the nail bottoms or the nail tip. This nail art model is especially suitable for long nails! If you are looking for nail art ideas that you can do at home, luminous nail arts are a great choice for you. For the short nails, if you apply glitter nail polish to a single nail you can achieve an easy nail art.

Editor’s suggestion: On days when you wear fake nails, apply glittery nail polish to the base of the nail and your nails will look more natural.

Those Who Can’t Give Up Black Nail Arts

Are you the one who always prefer black nail polish even if it is nail art? Striped models are for you to add some difference in your nail arts. You can choose this to add extra elegance in your nails. The modern look can be accomplished with asymmetrical lines in the middle of your nails. However for this model, if you don’t have a special brush for nail art, you can simply use a toothpick as well.

Nobility of Burgundy

One of the most confident colors of the Autumn-Winter season was burgundy. It would be impossible if we did not reflect the burgundy color, which we often see in both makeup trends and street style, to the nails! You can catch the burgundy trend by applying dark burgundy nail polish to half of your nails in different ways. All you need for this is tape! You can stick the tape to your nails and get the way you want, simple right?

Editor’s suggestion: You can achieve integrity by using burgundy smoky eye makeup with burgundy nail polish.

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Ombre Nails

After the ombre lip fashion, it’s time for ombre nails. Thanks to the nail polish look, which concentrates from the bottom of your nails to the tip, you can gather the gaze on your nails. If you are confident in nail art, you can improve your ombre technique by drawing asymmetrical lines on your nails.

Nail Art for Endless Summers

If you think that the summer season is already burning in your nose, this nail art proposal is for you! In this style, you will base your nails with pink nail polish and then apply daisy patterns with different nail polish colors of your choice, but for summer the yellow daisies are always suitable. You can create nonconventional looks by making daisy patterns in the different edges of your nails such as the middle part. It is always a good idea to apply protective nail polish so that you will ensure that your nail art stay on your nail for a long time.

Marble Nail Art

One of the nail arts trends that shook the world of Instagram is Marble nails. This nail art, which resembles a marble pattern, is popping up everywhere. After applying the nail polish, you can get the marble look by pressing it lightly with a plastic gelatin. If you draw golden lines on the nail polish, you can create a look more believable.

Timeless Nail Art Suggestions

The polka dot nail art trend has no time. You can color your nails by creating polka dot looks in both summer and winter seasons. You can get a vintage vibe with the black and white polka dot nail polish look. If you want a little more color, you can paint one nail on each hand a different, vibrant color.

BONUS: The New Year is Coming!

We said that the excitement of the new year has already begun! Share your excitement with your friends by drawing Christmas-themed characters on your nails. You should prepare your nails for the winter season with snowflakes, deer or snowman patterns.

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