Tell me, clean and polished nails make quite an impression, right? Whether you are attending a formal gathering or simply lounging in your house while working, fresh manicure could definitely give you a confidence boost.

Custom Nail Polish

If your current polish collection bores you try making custom colors with eyeshadows you no longer use. Here’s how to turn your boring clear polish to gorgeous shades.

  • Scrape the shadow from the pan to a mixing palette. Make sure the consistency of the scraped eyeshadow is powder-like to make mixing easier.
  • Add clear polish then mix well until the shadow is fully incorporated into the polish. Make sure there are no lumps.
  • Test the mixture on one nail. If you don’t get the pigmentation you want to achieve, add more eye shadow accordingly.

Sharpie Nail Art

You’ve heard it before, intricate nail art takes a lot of creativity and time to practice. But before you begin with the designs, you might want to consider using a permanent marker to ease your effort.

Geometric Nail Pattern


Dotting Tool Alternative

Removing Nail Polish Stain on Fingers

No matter how careful you are designing your nails, one way or another, you’ll end up having polish on the edges. Have a look at these advices to get the edges perfectly clean.

  • Line the skin around your nail with petroleum jelly for a quick clean up.
  • Use a paint brush dipped in nail polish to clean the area around your nails.

Removing gel nail polish

Itching to remove your stubborn polish in no time without seriously damaging your nails? This hack gets the job done. All you need are cotton balls, nail polish remover, and nail clips. If you don’t have nail clips, you can use foil or hand gloves to hold the cotton balls. Follow these steps:

  • Buffer the surface of your nails just enough to break the seal of the top coat
  • Soak the cotton balls with nail polish remover
  • Put the soaked cotton balls on each nail
  • Use nail clips to hold the cotton ball. Foil strips or hand gloves should
  • Keep the foil wraps on for 10-15 min
  • Gently peel of the gel polish

Speed up drying nail polish

Have you ever experienced successfully painting your nails without making a mess then suddenly you remember you need to call someone, attend to your business, or write emails? It would be such bummer if you have to redo your perfectly coated nails just because it got a dent or a smudge.

One quick dry hack is to dip wet nails in a bowl of cold water. A 2-minute dip should do the trick and allow you to go about your business as normal.


Chipped Nail Polish Hack

Seeing your nails get chipped can be annoying at times. Especially if you put a lot of effort creating a nail art. No matter how fabulous your outfit is, or how on point your make up is, chipped nails can definitely ruin your look. Here’s how to quickly save a chipped nail.

  • Cover chipped part with a coat of glitter
  • If the chipped area is on the edge, go for French tip

Tip: The best defense against nail polish chipping is applying proper top coat. There are lots of variations – glossy, matte, fast-drying, and more.  Re-apply a thin layer of top coat every few days to keep your nail polish covered.


Keep your nails healthy

Even if there are lots of nail designs out there for you to try, just like the skin, it is important to take good care of your nails. Healthy nails mean less chips and breaks. Here are some tips you should take note.

  • Clip your nails regularly. Even though your nails grow slowly, trimming your nails once a week or two keep their condition well.
  • Keep your hands clean. Washing frequently will get rid of the bacteria accumulating under your fingernails.
  • Always be gentle with your nails when buffering. File your nails as gentle as possible to avoid weakening and damaging your nail beds.
  • Do not use your nails as a tool to open or remove something, such as lids, pop cans, and bar codes sticking on your stuff.
  • Stay hydrated to promote strong nail growth.
  • Avoid cutting ingrown nails. If you have been suffering from an ingrown nail, the best way to do is to seek a dermatologist. Avoid self-medication as this can worsen the condition.
  • Give your nails a break from polish. Your nails need to breathe too.
  • Dermatologists recommend rubbing petroleum jelly or cuticle creams onto your cuticles.

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