French nails is on the rise like other retro beauty trends. However, in addition to the classic nails with white tips and clean looking, creative suggestions for these nails are also quite high.

Trends in nail design change seasonally, experts offer interesting and stylish innovations. However, the regular two-tone coating is one of the most popular trends. It is loved for its exquisite simplicity, precision and versatility. You can complement them with an everyday look, and for an evening it is enough to add a few diamonds or a metallized coating on the accent finger with glitter.

Our editors investigate new French nail trends as well as follow what’s on the agenda. Today, we’re going to talk about the trendiest french nail styles around the world right now.

What is a French manicure

The well-known women’s nail design with a white stripe on the edge originated more than forty years ago. Despite the generic name, manicure did not come to us from the capital of fashion and beauty. While everything is elegant and beautiful, it truly connects with Paris.

The world famous nail polish maker Orly first created this nail design. It can be performed at home and in beauty salons with the same success. The main purpose of its creation was the cinema of the time. There had to be an up-to-date version of the nail design suitable for all of the frequently changing outfits and looks of the actresses of that time. Thus, a manicure was created with nail tips bleached in natural tones.

Today, the technique of applying French manicure has not changed. Before applying the design of the nail plate, it is covered with a protective varnish. After drying, apply 1-2 coats of nail polish or gel: pink, pearl, peach, light brown. Draw milky white lines on top of the tip of the nail. You can also visit our “Easy French Nail Design Guide” for more information.

The new nail design offers a wide range of experiments on nails with classic manicure. You can add modeling or coloring on the fingers to the simple version. This manicure always looks fresh, stylish and original.

Let’s start with the half moon french nails. Half-moon manicures are among the favorites of both the summer season and the coming period. Red is the favorite color of this design. Half moon french nail design is often used to decorate small ornaments, sparkles or special beads. It is filled with the moon and flowers or a simple ornament. You can apply the simplest techniques on each finger. If you are emphasizing the moon with bright highlights or details, it is best to use it on a few accent fingers.

The strip that forms the french nail design has also undergone significant changes. It can be the color painted with all the colors of the rainbow, and black, gold, red, neon, not only white, but also according to the chosen outfit. Its shape also ranges from a simple strip to a triangular design, arched shape, trapezoid, curved line.

The main nail coating can be done in sheer color, one of the trendy dusty shades, or any of the current season’s favorites. Even young girls use metal rubbing or special neon and glow-in-the-dark coatings.

Matte coating or gel is also used in french technique. Matte french manicure is the most advantageous, looks at neat short nails. In this case, the tip of the nail often emits shine or leaves the same color but is covered with gloss.–K/

Lace French Nails: The finest lace finishing is done as part of the bride’s wedding manicure. Delicate translucent patterns with weaves are best combined with French manicure. The nail frame made in such a technique looks very soft and elegant. Colorless or silvery rhinestones, gilded monograms and floral patterns are often added to the imitation of a dress’s lace fabric, both in plain form and in volumetric design.

However, the lace design is also suitable on weekdays. In nude beige or pink dark matte finish, black lace looks very impressive as a reminder of attractive and sexy lingerie. Lines should be particularly clear and regular. For their application, you can use auxiliary application techniques: stencils, stickers, stamping. The lace pattern in the new season may not be repeated on different fingers.

French manicure with flowers: Floral motifs are placed on one of the edges of the nail or on the edge of the light finishing strip. It itself is sometimes made up of blooming branches, small forget-me-nots, and other plants.

Color combinations french nails: Stylish modern versions of French nails can contain all the colors of the rainbow. For delicate nude colors, white, black, gold and silver will be ideal partners. You can also combine these basic shades with completely different colors.

Ombre french manicure: Don’t be afraid of ombre french tips. It is much easier than making a crisp and well-contoured french manicure. You can overcome this job with a make-up sponge that you do not use, a latex mask that will prevent the product from contaminating the nail area, and a color range according to your preference.