Hottest Male Nail Art Designs

Male celebs such as David Bowie and Harry styles have been rocking fancy manicures at music shows, the Grammys, and on magazine covers. Now, male celebs are not the only ones sporting dainty polishes, more and more men are taking part in the latest beauty fad. To put it simply, nail art designs for men is just as big of a deal now as women’s nails used to be.

What do you think about this new trend? Are you interested in trying out some colors of your own? Below, we brought you the hottest male nail art designs for your nails. Try any of these looks and let us know what you think!


1. Colorful Manicure for Guys

These colorful dancing figures look so cute on the nails. We believe every fun-loving guy would love to get this manicure.

2. Manicure for Small Nails

Guys obviously love black nails. This perfect design includes the favorite black with a bit of purple pop.

3. Abstract Nails for Men

It is an artistic design for men with small nails. With both the favorite black and white colors. We love how they made it look like abstract symbols.

4. Pastel Color Short Nails for Men

If short nails don’t work well with other design ideas, they look beautiful when paired with pretty pastel colors such as this mint nail polish.

5. Neon Green Male Polish

Superhero fans are going to be excited about this one. Inspired by marvel superheroes, it’s a good cosplay for guys who admire both superheroes and nail art.

6. Dennis Rodman Inspired Nails

Dennis Roman donned this flaming design so many times it has become Dennis phenomenon. These colorful flaming nails are for fans to honor the iconic swag of the highly hailed NBA star.

7. White Yin Yang Nails

Even if you’re not into nail arts, some of our designs are going to make you get awesome nails. This white young yang pattern is one of them.

8. Blue Ink Nails for Men

This fantastic manicure looks awesome on the nails. The blue patterns create a beautiful contrast against the nude base color.

9. Leopard Print for Mens Fingernails

If you’re a fan of animal prints, leopard nails are the classic way to have some animal fun. This is also suitable for men who are into fashion or parties.

10. Cool guys Manicure

All these nails have, are some paste on rhinestones. But we believe it is still cool enough for stylish guys out there who want to try something new but cool and memorable.

11. Wave Checkered Nails for Men

These dashing blue and green wave checkered nails look so fashionable on any skin tone guys.

12. Blue Nails for Men

This color gives you a more conservative look that’s perfect for when you’re in the office but still want to stand out.

13. A$AP Rocky Nails

A$AP Rocky, the leading hip-hop artist, and rapper have inspired many nail designs, including this one.

14. LV Stripes Nails for Men

These are super easy to do at home and they look really cool. A simple fluorescent nail polish and a few nail strips can do the job for you.

15. Silver on Black Nails

This manicure can either be a corny thing if not done properly or really stand out as a glamourous style that catches the attention of everybody around you. The silver-tone blends so well with the black nails.

16. Geometric Manicure

The geometric manicure has been reworked into this intricate design that’s perfect for men.

17. Black Nail Art for Men

No matter what colors you combine it with, black nail art always looks classy and professional regardless of whether it’s just plain black or something more intricate.

18. Gold and Nude Nails

If you’re tired of wearing boring shades all your life but also want to maintain your masculinity, then this is for you. Try these simple nude nails with just gold tips.

19. Black and Gold Flaming Nail Design

Are you the type who loves to be in the spotlight? These nails will definitely bring out your inner desires. The black and gold fiery colors really make this look like a nail design inspired by an interstellar sky.

20. Black Leopard Print Nails for Men

Sport the look of a leopard with these classy and intricate leopard print nails.

21. Simple Glossy Nails

It’s a subtle design that can be easily worn by men at any time.

22. Pink Full Design Nails

You can use any color in this design but we recommend pink and white because it will stand out more.

23. Abstract Black Nail Polish for Men

It’s not always about being bold, sometimes subtle designs are the best way to go.

24. Dark Nails with Red Accents

These are for men who want something polished but still not too feminine. Dark nails can be matched with a wide array of colors so you can also experiment with lots of bright colors.

25. Simple Guys Nail Art

This neat polish combination is classy without being too feminine for men.

26. Black and White Men Nails

White and black is always a classic, get it right with this yin and yang design. This one looks good with small fingernails.

27. Grey Gel Nails

Simple manly designs don’t get any better than this one, these gel nails have a gray shade that looks so classy yet masculine.

28. Easy Nail Design for Men

Here we have another dazzling nail art that you might like. It reminds us of the console games and it is also very simple to recreate at home because the patterns are so simple.

29. Floral Print Nails

This floral print nail design is sure to get you compliments from the ladies because they will all ask for the exact tutorial.

30. Plain Nails for Guys

This is one of the favorite styles among men who want masculine and dashing nails. They actually look perfect without any patterns or emojis, just plain pastel colors will do the trick.

31. Black and White Chess Pattern Nails

Do you know why guys paint their nails black? Because it’s elegant yet masculine at the same time. Which makes this one of the best manly nail designs out there.

32. Men’s Stripes Nail Design

Stripes are the most versatile manly design you can get for your nails; they look good with any color and make you feel like a boss.

33. Black and Orange Nail Design for Men

This one features a grid pattern and an amazing color combination of black and orange. You’d love to get this for an everyday look.

34. Bad Bunny Skull Nail Art Design

Skull designs are always in trend with men regardless of their age or occupation, but as you can see; in this Bad Bunny inspired design, not only have skulls got more colors but they also look much cooler.

35. Harry Styles Emoji Nails

This is one of the easiest styles you can try out. You just need to have nice shimmery gel colors on your nails and then draw some cool emojis in black.

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