The hottest nails are already out and we’re all looking for what will be trending this year for our manicure. While an array of nail colors and shapes such as French tips, round nails, square nails, and stiletto nails are all options, the hardest part is to decide what color is in and what design to choose this year.

So if you are still looking for the perfect nail polish to try this year, don’t get left behind. We have got your back! Our top list of 22 Fundamental Nail designs of 2021 is here.

1. Natural Pink Nail Designs

Natural shades are never out of fashion. You can opt for classic natural nails on every possible occasion and they’ll perfectly fit the bill. Plus you don’t have to stick to beige or nudes because pink can be a perfect color for a natural manicure.

2. Cute Square Nail Designs

This year square nails are all the rage. They are easy to maintain, catch the eye right away, and are a trendy nail design in 2021.

3. Chakra Nail Designs

Chakra nails use different colors of nail polishes to depict the seven chakras found in Buddhist and Hindu spiritual belief systems. These are a perfect way to embrace spirituality and be creative at the same time. Wear these nail designs for a day, week, or even longer to get all the positive vibes you miss in the hassle of life.

4. Clover Nail Designs

We all believed in the good luck of a four-leaf clover at some time. Now the four-leaf clover designs are the perfect way to add a bit of whimsy and fun design to your nails and add some good luck all the time.

5. Blue Stiletto Nails Designs

Stiletto nails are undeniably the sleekest and coolest nail trend. Show off your feminine side with a strong statement with this super edgy style in a fierce fashion. There are tons of ideas to wear stilettos with style. We advise blue stilettos as in the beautiful picture below.

6. Cute Polka Dot Nail Designs

Polka dots are everywhere these days, and this pattern is making its way into the top nail trends of 2021. Polka dots is an easy nail art project for beginners, tons of DIY tutorials are available to follow for a cute and easy look.

7. Pastel Nail Designs

Pastel nails are the ultra-feminine, classic choice for any woman with a love of nail polish. Try on your favorite pastel shades with some edgy nail art or just a rainbow of beautiful colors is enough to bring out the beauty of your nails.

8. Blue coffin nail designs

If you are looking for stellar nail polish, you should try coffin nails. The square-shaped tips of the nails create an edge that is difficult to achieve with any other manicure design and blue is definitely the color of the season for coffin nail designs in 2021. Try this striking combination for an over-the-top manicure.

9. Spring Flower Nail Designs

With the new season looming, opting for a few fresh florals on your nails feels so perfectly timed. Floral effects are easy and always lovely, you can create amazing floral nails with nail stamps or simple brushstrokes.

10. Artsy Nail Designs

For eye-catching and edgy nails, try artsy patterns, inspired by classic paintings or modern art. You can choose abstract art, Aztec prints, or classic paintings such as this masterpiece by Van Gogh’s.

11. Purple Nail Designs

Accessorize for any occasion, with a spectrum of stunning purple nail polish. Wear bold shades or doon glittery purple, perfecting your look for a romantic dinner to casual wear.

12. Aquamarine nail designs

This deep blue is perfect for the spring and summer season. From deep, penetrating shades to shining neons, aquamarine has versatile hues that can complement every skin. Such as these glittery showstopper nails. The aqua sparkles on these long nails to create an undeniable style that stands out from any other manicure.

13. Funeral nail designs

You can find many interesting manicure ideas that are fit for a funeral. It’s better to show your respect with a well-kept appearance than chipped and rubbed off nails.

14. Hard Gel Nail Designs

Gel nails quickly became the hottest nail trend. They offer a terrific relief from damaging acrylic nails and provide way more creative space for nail art. There’s a variety of different gel nail designs to choose from including simple designs that exude classic elegance or trendy, high voltage colors and shapes that will tantalize your tip.

15. Bright Blue Nail Designs

As summer approaches, new colors are taking over the nail trends. Bright shades of blue are taking over with aquatic shades inspired by the Caribbean. Check out this shimmery, bright manicure and get inspired to have one too.

16. Lightning Nail Design

Want some Harry Potter drama with your nails? Try this chic lightning nail design this season and show off your creativity. There are many methods to achieve a perfect lightning bolt on your nails including brushstrokes, murals, or stickers.

17. Lace Nail Designs

If you want a look inspired directly from the runway, try lace nail designs. These easiest and simple designs are made from all kinds of elaborate laces.

18. Chevron Nail Design

Chevron nails are easy to manage and also look fantastic on anyone who decides to paint them. Chevron nail art has evolved into popular trends as seen in recent years. Most people choose this simple and elegant design to flaunt at formal events or as casual wear.

19. Yellow Nail Designs

The new yellow nail trend is sure to make your fingers stand out. Bright yellow shades allow you to express your creativity and flair with confidence anywhere. From nature-inspired prints to geometric shapes, there’s a style for everyone to flaunt gorgeous bright yellow to a light yellow nail design.

20. Matte Gel Nail Designs

Who says matt gel nail is dull and boring? We think matte polishes are an instant way to achieve a cool manicure and turn your nails into legit beauty. They are also one of the most popular nail designs of 2021.

21. Mint Green Nails With Designs

Mint green is a popular color for nail designs this year because it is delicate and pretty. The shades can vary from warm to cool, bright to pale, so there’s a color for every individual taste. Design your mint nails with all kinds of cool colors for a refreshing chic look.

22. All White Nail Designs

A color that is a necessity for your nail polish collection is white. White nail polish is flattering on all skin tones and looks terrific with any color from simple to glamorous. It matches every color, can be worn matt or polished, can be layered with glitters and all kinds of accessories. Your options are never ending.

Trust us when we say that you will get some ooohs and aaahs from onlookers with these cool and easy nail designs that you’ll be rocking in 2021.

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