These days, men are seen flaunting polished tips to follow the latest trends. Male nail designs are finally on their way to gain popularity. Many male celebrities have been seen rocking colorful nails, and we are in love! As a guy, you should embrace your masculinity by doing what you want, whether that be nail art!

Male Nail art is to express yourself through colors and aesthetics. If you’re new to nails, try out different designs to find your personal favorite. Remember, creativity is the best way to go about here. So do not be afraid to let your nails shine with boldness! Here are some super cute and trendy nail art designs for men.

Ultimate Summer Vibes 

Feeling bubbly? If you like the color blue and appreciate bubbles, this is the nail art for you. It is the perfect set of casual yet fun-looking nails to help you take on a new day. They’re also great to rock at events or close parties!

Graceful White And Black Male Nail Art 

If you’re someone who appreciates a set of clean white nails but finds it too boring, this is how you can do them. First, using white polish as the base then adding some dots and circles across your nails will make up for stylish nails. They’re classic, easy, and clean. Finally, add a bunch of rings to make the finished look that much edgier.

Yellow With A Smile

We all know about Harry Styles’s smiley nails! They’re the perfect set of nails if you’re not too over the top but still enjoy color. Anyone can easily do these nails at home or in a salon! All you need is yellow and black nail polish with a marking tool to outline the smiley faces.

Minimalistic Male Nails Are The Go-To

Maybe you’re into more minimalistic nails. If so, these are the perfect nails to rock for every day or even special events! The crisp yet super plain black details make for the best simple nails. You can finish the look off by adding a full black nail on any of your fingers.

Symbolic Nails

The asymmetry of the lines and basic shapes drawn on each finger is a classic design for men. If you’re someone who likes nail art but nothing over the top, this is another great option to have that’s both easy to do and rock with most of your wardrobe.

Sparkly Nails

For those of you who enjoy a bit of razzle-dazzle in your nails, this is the nail-inspo for you! They’re bold nails that express the shimmers inside you. Shimmers also come in many different colors, so you can keep changing them according to your liking. Make sure to have fun with these nails, as they’re anything but basic!

Blue Manicure

A blue manicure is all you need to take on anything! This blue mani shows a series of blue nails slowly fading to an opaque white. These nails show off your charismatic side and give a sense of fun. Adding the star details is just the cherry on top!

X Smiley Nails

The X smiley is a grand trend and has been since it first came out. If you like color and enjoy a bit of darkness now and then, try mixing the two, and voila! You get these super cool-looking nails. They’re easy to do and have a super classic design for parties and pictures.

Stripe Nails

Have you ever wondered what the perfect vacation nails would look like? Well, look no further! Colors and stripes and are in this season, and your nails need some lovin’! You can choose the colors and do each nail differently. Plus, the stripes add the perfect touch of nail art! That is what makes this nail design so unique.

Flames On Tips 

Some flaming nail tips for you? Perhaps the red color is already in itself a statement, but choosing a flaming fire design for your nail tips is super hot! We have seen many celebrities rock this style in the past, and it seems to never go out of style. So, whether you like it or not, this set of fiery nails are here to stay and look this hot throughout!

Crisp Doodle Nails 

Another excellent design for men who enjoy minimalistic and chic-looking nails. Perfect for Instagram!

Reflective Nails 

This futuristic nail art design is another great idea for parties or fashion events.

Rainbow Nails 

Ever heard of bright rainbow nails? The zig-zag of the stripes makes this design stand out and look unique rather than any basic rainbow nails. Plus, swapping the solid polishes and using shimmers instead makes the whole look completely stand out!

Purple Metallic Nails 

Playing it safe with gel nails? Try a super bold color like a purplish blue! The gel makes the nails look extremely shiny and wet. Gel polishes have unlimited potential for designs, so choose any color! This purple and the blue combo looks divine.

Solid Nails 

This set of basic silver shimmery nails is another great style for you to rock. They look super bold and Insta-worthy! If you enjoy shimmers but do not like how overpowering they can look, a silver to grey color like this one can help you.

Pattern Nails

The perfect execution of different nail art on all fingers to express all of your moods.

Water Droplet Nails 

Simple and classy water droplet nails.

Party Manicure 

Expressing your mood with color is one of the best things about nail art. The dazzled pinky is the cherry on top!

Bare Male Nails With A Twist 

Go super trendy by keeping all of your nails bare and extending the pinky nail to add a statement.

Purple Glitter Manicure 

Another creative way to add color to your nails. This purple nail art is super trendy and stylish!

Black And Gold Fantasy Nails 

Go all out with this gold and black set that exudes style!

Matte Nails 

This matte black set of simplistic nail art is the perfect design to rock this year!

Card Game Nails 

Super-sleek and stylish design to help you conquer the world!

Rainbow Thumbs 

Rainbow nails are the best for a happy pride month!

Colorblock Nails 

Colourblock nails are in this season and we’re going all out!

Gold Outline Nails

Simple yet effective. The gold outline looks divine on a tatted hand.

Birthday Nails 

The classic 30th Birthday nails!

Black And White Nails 

Another super cool nail design by drawing black and white smileys.

Slang Nails 

The basic FCK nails never disappoint.

One Smiley Nails

The best accessory to wear.

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