As a rising trend, male nail art is gaining huge popularity among the masses. Celebrities like Harry Styles or A$AP Rocky have given the trend their approval a long time ago. Of course, we cannot forget Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny who ultimately changed this it from just a trend to something any men can do.

From lacquers that don’t chip to designs inspired by our very own rappers and Hollywood hunks, there are options out there for every guy’s personal style. If you’re looking for an easy way to add some flair without spending too much time or money, nail art might just be your answer. Check out these 30 awesome male nail trend ideas below we selected for you.

1. Full Black Pointed Nails

I bet we already know why guys paint their nails black!! Well, It exudes mystery, power, and creativity. These jet-black painted nails are one of those ever-favorite nail designs for men.

2. FCK Y Sticker Nails

This particular design crossed over into mainstream culture when Rapper, singer, and songwriter A$AP Rocky started wearing nail stickers. Not surprising that these are now part of cutting-edge fashion and style.

3. Accent Shimmer Nail

Another trend to catch fire is painting one nail with bright shimmy color or different pattern while keeping other nails simple enough to avoid being too flashy.

4. Smileys on One Fingernail

Anyone who has seen Harry Styles Nails will remember this style. Ever since Harry Style wore those smiley nails they have become part of male nail art. So we bought you some ideas to put smileys on your nails, such as this one where you can add a bold bright yellow happy face to one nail while keeping all other simple. So, if you wanna have same styles as Harry Styles Nails, try this model.

5. Leopard Print Nails

Leopard prints never go out of style and this cool minimal nail art for men is the perfect way to incorporate animal print into your next manicure.

6. Black and Neon Nails

These black, red, and neon nails are so inviting, we know that you can’t help but want to walk right into a salon and get this pattern painted on your nails.

7. Mix pattern nails

Another great idea is having different patterns on all fingers nails, such as this cool design. Definitely upping the game of men’s Manicure.

8. Lines on Nails

Wear these black lines on your nails in different shapes, and enjoy until Halloween comes around.

9. Simple Nude Manicure

There was something about Jason Momoa’s nude manicure that caught my eye. I mean, come on: what could be better than a man who cares for his appearance, including nails.

10. Pastel Blue Nails

Pastel blue is on trend this year with more hype than ever before, from matte finishes to glitter accents. Go ahead guys- get your manicure today.

11. Sea Shore Theme Manicure

Men, your nails don’t have to be a plain color anymore. Nowadays you can get them done in all different kinds of themes and designs like this seashore theme manicure with shades from deep blue to bright white.

12. Minimal Black Nails

In today’s society where everything has an expiration date and new things need to come out every day, this trend of minimal black nails for men will not be dying anytime soon.

13. Elaborate Gold Male Nail Art

We saw Bad bunny nails adorned with amazing male nail art and lots of rings. You can take cues from these elaborate gold nails to show off your style statement while keeping up with fashion trends. It is easy to create your own Bad Bunny nails style with this gold manicure for men.

14. Pattern Black Nails

I think we already told you how men love to wear black nails. This is also a design to look for if you decide to go with the classic nail color.

15. Minimal Eye of Providence Male Nail design

Nail art for men can be minimal but meaningful. Try this design with the eye of providence for spiritual and creative art if you’re looking to add a touch of meaning to your nail game.

16. Iridescent Green Pattern Nails

Never be afraid of a little color or change. These neon green nails will make you the envy of all your friends.

17. Full Shimmer Manicure

As long as you don’t mind sporting some shimmer and glitter polish then go ahead and figure out what type of color suits you best and get shiny nails for the next manicure.

18. Painted Pinky Nails

We have seen a ton of stars with at least one finger painted in some bright beautiful color. There are plenty of options for those looking to follow the trend. We found one for this list; this pink pointed nail looks perfect.

19. Gold Mens Nails

Gold is the color of the decade probably, why shy away from it. There are enough options for both men and women looking for that perfect shade.

20. Colorful Sky Themed Nails

One of the coolest and creative ways to let your personality shine is through color. If you want a manicure that’s both bold and fun, then try out these rainbow nails.

21. Shiny Space Theme Nails

With nimble strokes of a brush, get ASAP Rocky inspired nails. All it takes is some creativity and ideas from the space for your men nail polish to create an incredible design on your nails.

22. Black and Neon Symbolic Nails

Nails are the perfect canvas to express your mood and personality, have a new way of talking about who you really are.

23. Multi-Pattern Nails

No one has to keep the same design for their nails, just like you can choose as many nail patterns as the number of fingernails in whatever colors or designs your heart desires.

24. Metallic Purple Nails

While it may seem like an unusual nail color at first glance, once you put on this beautiful metallic shade then all will make sense.

25. Mixed Pastel Nail paints

There is no need to paint your nails in boring colors when you can do any color imaginable. Think of pastels like yellow, powder blue, white, or whatever you want and paint on alternate nails.

26. Acrylic Nails for Men

You can also get acrylic nails, which means no limit on the designs possible. Try some bold, electric colors if you want, or even bolt designs like this one and make those hands more attractive than ever before.

27. Happy and Sad Smiley Nails

Another Smiley nail design, we love both happy and sad faces on two thumbnails. Think of showing your inside-outside mood when you wear this nail design.

28. Gel Nail Polish

Sometimes it’s not easy to break out of the mold and wear something other than black or white. You can try these abstract pattern nails with bold and bright colors of gel men nail polish. Just think of minimal patterns and designs.

29. Smiley Male Nail Art

Just in case you need more inspiration for smiley faces on your nails, we want to show off these nails. These scattered micro-size happy faces will turn your nails into something special.

30. Fire Nails

For last we have another favorite pattern of guys, The fire, a gel manicure will get you a fiery style as you desire.

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