Manicure for men is still a stigma in society. It seems that personal care and all other “ladies'” things are given only to women, and men are not allowed to enter this beauty world. Let’s figure out if this is so and how the idea of the beauty of hands is changing.

Now you will not scare anyone with a man’s manicure, you will not impress or surprise anyone. – a well-groomed man is becoming the norm in the World. Of course, the manicure of a real man is visibly different from that of a woman’s, sometimes you do not understand that he is.

And it even has trends. Fashionable men’s manicure in 2022 differs from the manicure of previous years – it is more brutal and, at the same time, less restrained. Moreover, it has become one of the main trends in men’s fashion in its own right. This is what the most advanced men’s magazines write about. Even the concept of “menicure” appeared – from the combination of the words “men” and “manicure”. So here are the top manicure (menicure) for men trends in 2022.


Now it is not just a hygiene procedure with cuticle removal, filing and elegant resurfacing. The main innovation is the coverage and design in the manicure. The best part about this innovation: both look extremely courageous and have nothing to do with glamor. Just as tattoos have nothing to do with makeup and body painting. By the way, manicure “under a tattoo” is one of the most acute trends in our case.


Ideas for men’s manicure

The most interesting trends in 2022 that fashionistas should pay attention to will be areas such as negative space on the plate – not painted over, for example, next to a black or colored background. Black manicure is certainly in trend with men. The radical, informal design uses sliders. Geometric design is preferable, and also with unusual icons. Imitation of tattoos, as we have already noted, is an interesting trend.


Men’s manicure with design

In this design, there is always something from punk, rock and roll, hip-hop or gothic. Black pictograms, red dots or black mean geometry are extremely expressive. Icons of all kinds – symbolic characters, smiley characters, more menacing and sarcastic than cute. Irony in all forms is shown.

Black manicure for men

Suitable for punks, rock-roll heroes, goths and all the bad boys. Just short nails, painted black – usually matte, but not always. A good contrast of naked manicure with a black hole. Some take the risk and apply white graphics to a black background or make contrasting plates of acid colors.

Manicure with a drawing

Black and white graphics, contrast of black with poisonous yellow, acid colors, something reminiscent of graffiti, kabbalistic signs, letters and inscriptions, comic book heroes, road signs. Moreover, in such a manicure, it is very often that each plate has its own design. And especially good on men’s nails “naked” manicure with contrasting black or red graphics.

Minimalism on your nails

You might as well stick to the good old traditions of men’s manicure – just well polished nails with a delicate, invisible finish. Or an unobtrusive service jacket. This will be true minimalism in this case.

Manicure for men with stickers

This is where the expanse of all kinds of cryptograms and emoticons comes in. As well as pagan amulet icons, imitation of a tattoo, and more.

Men’s stamping

A great way to get an instant manicure. Try pop art or op art drawings – with all kinds of visual effects. You shouldn’t do them on every plate – only on some. Someone will choose a “talking design” – a kind of “cuneiform”, told the story of the addictions of the owner of the manicure.

Matte manicure for men

It is, nevertheless, more popular than glossy and, all the more, shiny. The combination of matte gray and black looks great, as does matte black with negative space and mean designs. However, colored manicure is also found. Johnny Depp, for example, has been seen wearing blue nails.


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