Summer is here with a splash of bright and flashy colors. Now is the time to shine with edgy manicure looks full of pastel pink, powder blue, muted yellow, lavender, and creamy greens. These beautiful pastel nail designs come in all forms and shapes. We know you will wear these till next winter so experiment with cute pastel nail designs of floral art, contrasting neon colors, crisp French tips, and all-time classic solid matt nails.

If you find it difficult to choose the perfect color for your next manicure, look at the 30 pastel nail desing ideas we selected to inspire you. Time to look at the latest pastel nail trends!

1. Pretty Yellow Pastel Manicure

With this beautiful pastel yellow shade, you don’t need to add anything else. I mean look at the flare, feels like spring is here.

2. Pastel Purple with Starry Sky Nail Design

You can play up acrylic nails with this beautiful shade of lavender adorned with the starry sky. These are dream nails.

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3. Daisies on Blue Pastel Nails

We love this all-blue design, definitely the coolest take on powder blue. This manicure is a perfect example of the mix of matt, Glitter, and art.

4. Groovy Square French Nails

Acrylic nails are way cooler with a shiny finish and bright white French tip over Pastel nude nail polish. Look at the super chic vibes they are giving.

5. Abstract Art Pastel Nail Polish

Back to a cutesy pastel color manicure. This is a perfect look that you can carry every day. A pop of pink, blue, lavender, and white on a nude background. I think, you have to try it once.

6. Creamy Blue Pastel Short Nails

You love powder blue? We too! Adore this classic manicure finished with a glossy topcoat to stand out with any outfit you wear.

7. Natural Pastel Nails

Pastel nails don’t have to be a mix and match of shades. They look equally elegant and dainty when paired with nudes.

8. Vibrant Yellow Everyday Pastel Nail Design

What is the brightest and most admired pastel color? Yellow it is! Just add a Couple of flower decals and get a beautiful finish.

9. Cute Cherry Design with Pastel Nails

What a cherry-topped design! This simple but dainty art looks so pretty. You must agree!

10. Shiny Lavender Manicure

Nothing goes wrong when you choose lavender. A gradient of hues and a contrast of black has specially added a flare to these nails.

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11. Cute Round Nails with Hearts

If you have skills with tiny brushes, go for this creative and cute idea, and add multicolored tiny hearts all over the nails.

12. Neutral Pastel Shade with Beautiful White Leaves

Pastel colors also come in neutral earthy tones. You can flaunt your acrylic or gel nails in this amazing leafy design.

13. Abstract Pink Pastel Nails

Abstract designs are never out of fashion. These almond shape nails look particularly elegant with shades of pink and black.

14. Multicolor Spring Inspired Manicure

It’s an awesome example to pop up your natural nails with pastel nail polish. You can use a bunch of shades and cute art to add a splash of color to your look.

15. Funky Pastel Swirls

Pastel nail colors are brilliant because you can create all kinds of cute designs. This particular nail design is giving strong vibes of splashy wavy swirls.

16. Tranquil Pastel Nail with Flowers

Floral nail art is having a moment here. Creamy pastel colors never looked so girly and pristine as these pretty nails.

17. Ombre Glitter Nails

How can our list complete without some gorgeous ombre nails? If a solid color is too simple for you try these muted colors, topped with a glittery coat, and acquire your dose of fun.

18. Green and Yellow Pastel Polish design

This is a low-key way to use natural tones of pastel nail polish. As you can see, the result is amazing.

19. Cute Skittles Manicure

This cute manicure is an assortment of candy color nails. Better known as skittles (each nail with a different color) nails. Can it be any cuter?

20. Beautiful Spring Inspired Pastel Nails

This is a perfect nail design for you to use that nail art kit you bought. Wake up the artist inside you and play with an array of pastel colors.

21. Stripped Lavender and Blue Pastel Nails

Blue is definitely popular among Pastel lovers. This stripped combination of white, lavender, and blue with nude alludes to extra freshness.

22. Funky Marble Pastel Nails

Wavy art is part of pastel nail trends. This one an absolutely extra-level nail art adorned with a bunch of pastel colors. You may try these beautiful psychedelic nails.

23. Tie-Dye Pastel Nails

We know tie-dye is the obsession this year. This manicure uses a mix of muted pastel colors. Grab the first chance you get to have this gorgeous and fun pastel nail manicure.

24. Everyday Rainbow Pastel Nails

How fun is this rainbow color manicure? Each nail has a different color and we love the color gradient from yellow to orange, red, purple, and blue.

25. Long Vibrant Yellow Nails

Slightly square acrylic nails embellished with this mesmerizing yellow and contrasting delicate art. You must know now how much we love yellow.

26. Minty Short Nails

Mint green is an ever-favorite among pastel nail polish lovers. A little dab of gold and white look even cooler on these short nails. Perfect manicure for summer.

27. Neon and Pastel French Manicure

Short nails don’t have to be limited to all solid nail colors. This design has made pastels way cooler with a matt finish and contrasting neon French tips.

28. Pastel Color Reverse French Manicure

Are you getting the boho vibes? We can wear it all the time! Those multi-shade cuticles are love.

29. Multicolor Pastel Wavy Nail Design

If you think wavy nail designs are overplayed. Try these perfect pastel waves to shake up your game of nail art.

30. Girly Pink Manicure With Blossoms

Nothing beats pastel colors when you want feminine nails adorned with flowers. Take this drool-worthy manicure topped with floral decals.