It’s a PRIDE MONTH! If you want to find fascinating pride nail designs for 2021, you are in the right place. We have gathered some amazing pride nail art ideas that are not all just rainbow-related. So, let’s check them out! If you want to show your colors, there are many ways to do it. So, what’s stopping you from doing your nails for pride month? Oh, some inspiration? Don’t worry as we have got you covered!

1.   Easy Pride Nail Designs

If you are someone looking for an easy DIY pride nail design, this section is for you. These designs will barely take any effort. However, the outcome will amaze all your friends.

Intriguing Rainbow

This beige glitter background rainbow design is easy yet beautiful. It incorporates all the colors of the rainbow flag while the glittery subtle background can represent many people’s soft but chic personalities.

Dotted Rainbow

Tired of the ordinary rainbow design? Then go for this extremely easy dotted rainbow look. The splatter of colorful dots looks like a jolly person’s personality.

Colorful Grid Universe

This unique grid design with colorful rounds at the tips and bottom of the nail is a great choice for pride month.

Elegant Trans and Gay Flag

For all the basic lovers out there, this design with trans flag on one hand and gay flag on the other is a good option.

Pride Tips

Painting only the tips of your nails is a trend of 2021. You can also incorporate this trend with a pride nail design.

It gives an elegant, contemporary and enchanting look.

Pride Month Inspired Daisies

Daisies with colorful nail paint is a quirky idea. It is easy to do and looks perfectly splendid.

Love is Love Pride Nail Art Designs

Looking for something unique and meaningful for this pride month? Go for the nail looks mentioned in this section.

Hearts for Everyone

Try out this rainbow heart pride nail design to spread love to all. The uniqueness of this design will put everyone in awe.

Heartful Design

Try this gleeful heart design for an adorable look. The little hearts on the sides with a big heart in the center represents unity within the LGBTQ community.

Goth Rainbows

This design is for all the goth lovers and queer queens of the community. Rainbow lines with a rainbow heart in the middle look extremely smexy with the black background.

Tremendous Pride

This extra pride nail design screams love is love in the literal sense. The mickey kissing mickey is a perfect way to support LGBTQ.

Soft yet Strong

Elegantly placed rainbows, words, and gemstones enhance the beauty of this look tremendously.

Extra Love

This design is for all glitter-loving babies. If you want to enhance your ordinary rainbow design, try writing things related to pride month on your nails.

Go All Out with Pride Nails

Do you want to get the most extra pride nails this month? Check out these designs that are suitable for all extra-loving people out there.

Cutesy Rainbow Clouds

Show off your art skills by using these cloud-inspired pride nail designs. The glitter background enhances the chicness.


The easiest way to look extra is to use glitter or gemstones or both. Try out these glitter and gemstone looks.

Silver Art

There is nothing sexier and more extra than this look to use this pride month.

Nail Art Patterns for Pride Month

If you want some eccentric pattern inspiration for pride month, we have that for you as well!

Out of the World Marble

Rainbow marble designs are perfect for pride month. These designs represent the crazy, enthusiastic personalities of many people.

Fiery Swirls

These designs are perfect for those wanting a little bit of everything. Black, rainbow, swirl, white, and fire; all covered.

Eccentric Art

Everyone who wants to stand out with their nails can try out these LGBTQ nails. The colorful abstract patterns look flawless and breathtaking.

Pride Nail Designs with a Strong Message

If you want to deliver your word to the world openly, use these nail designs. They look adorable and deliver your support seamlessly.

LGBTQ+ and Pride

Why shy away when you can write LGBTQ+ and pride on your nails? The black background and rainbow lettering attractively deliver the message to everyone.

Adorable Messages

This adorable nail design for LGBTQ serves the purpose of supporting pride month as well as making your nails look ravishing.

Decently No Hate

Why hate on others for their love choices when you can support them? Well, support the LGBTQ community by getting this delightful nail art design.

Unity Among the World

This strong messaged pride nail design is one of the bests. The matte colorful nail paint and black lettering provide a graceful look. The earth drawn on one finger represents how everyone should be united and not hate others for awful reasons.

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