Nail color trends are changing more often, from light tones to dark tones, there is always the moment for a color to be in evidence and the current color is purple. Strong, versatile and full of meaning, purple enamel is the trend of the moment. Check below some inspirations for you to adhere to purple nails.

What is the meaning of the color of the purple enamel?

An enamel color can reveal a lot about a woman’s personality, after all, each shade has a specific meaning. Purple is a color that conveys spirituality, introspection, sentimentality and fantasy, a mixture of feelings that represents purple very well, regardless of its shade variations.

Who can wear purple nails?

Do you know a nail polish that suits everyone? This is purple, it is very easy to use, it allows several combinations and it is ideal for all skin tones and nail shapes, because it creates an incredible contrast.

The variety is great, but everything will depend on your personality and the style of nail you are used to using. Purple nails are versatile and there are options for everyone, from delicate and basic to glamorous and with lots of decoration. Note some nail options to follow, because there must surely be a perfect one for you.

Purple nails designs are a true phenomenon that conquers women around the world, with so many different options, which one is your favorite? Which of the 30 nail art below would you like to use? We would like to know which one is your favorite!

1. Gradient purple nail

Basic but charming, use different shades of purple enamel on each nail to create a creative gradient.

2. Ombre nails

The color appears and stands out mainly on the tips of the nails, giving a touch of delicacy.

3. Nails with glitter

The gradient can get brighter when you add glitter. Glitter finishes any nail color as a necessary addition.

4. Purple nails with glitter

Glitter on nails is synonymous with luxury, combine purple nail polish with glitter and have a glow effect.

5. Chrome nails

Chrome effect stands out mainly at night, they are flashy and stylish, perfect for those who have a cool style, use on different occasions.

6. Holographic purple nails

The holographic is one of the most used nail trends of the season, the purple shade shines in the daylight.

7. Purple acrylic nails

Do you want to have big and stylish nails? Bet on acrylic nails, they stretch and are very beautiful, the color is radiant.

8. Purple Nails with butterflies

A delicate look and with elements of nature are purple nails with butterfly stickers.

9. Nails with marble effect

The marbled effect on purple nails is luxurious and modern. Mix two enamel to create this look.

10. Flowers on purple nails

Do you want a garden? Make flower nail designs above the purple background.

11. Waves nail art

Add some fun to your nails with wave nail art. They can be uneven to become more natural.

12. Purple Yin Yang nail art

The Yin Yang symbol is different with two shades of purple. This type of nail art needs care to stay straight.

13. Purple floral nails

The strong purple nail polish is a little more closed, but if you make flower designs your nails can be more romantic.

14. Purple half moon nail

Do you want different nails? The half moon nail is a great option, the colors are different on the nails.

15. Purple French nail

If you prefer something more discreet, just paint the tip of your nails purple, French style.

16. Opaque purple enamel

The shade of opaque purple with the nail art arabesques is a subtle and sophisticated combination.

17. Different purple nails

If your nail has a square shape, invest in a simpler nail art with one or two different nails.

18. Nails in stiletto format

The stiletto-shaped nail is already powerful and with the purple enamel this power intensifies.

19. Purple nail art

Princess nail style, the designs on each nail differentiate with great style.

20. Chromatic purple nail

Chrome nails with a lighter shade of purple are perfect for summer wear.

21. Purple nail animal print

Differentiate the traditional animal print and give a more feminine touch when using purple enamels.

22. Creative purple nail art

Creative and rich in details, this nail art is absolutely perfect. The designs with black enamel contrast with the purple and the result is incredible and unique

23. Metallic and shiny purple nails

Show all the beauty of your nails with purple and glitter.

24. White and purple nails

Something more traditional for those who prefer something classic is to combine the colors purple and white on the nails.

25. Nails with purple enamel and stones

The gemstone makes any simple nail much more luxurious.

26. Purple nails with cow print

The cow print is making the biggest success and along with the purple enamel, this is the main trend of purple nails today.

27. Purple and polka dot nails

Polka dots are a classic that never goes out of style, paint your nails purple and make the balls as you prefer.

28. Purple smile nails

Smile is the representation of the internet, making the emoji purple to be more original.

29. Bright nail art

Fuchsia purple is very authentic, perfect for those who want something more daring, paint all your nails and make a shower of glitter.

30. Purple nail block

Contemporary and creative, the nails with blocks of purple colors have an urban air, ideal for those who want to innovate.