It’s safe to say that everybody deserves to be pampered and have a little self-care. While getting your nails done might not be your biggest concern at the moment, it’s also a perfectly acceptable response to spoil and comfort yourself.

At-home manicure is now a movement and we are loving all the new ways we can style. If you fancy some pampering but don’t want to splurge out on an expensive manicure at the salon, we got you! We rounded up some quick DIY nail art ideas you can easily do with common and affordable items you can find at home.

Read on to see them all. Let’s get creative!

1. Ombre nails

While an ombre nail is always appealing, some might think it is tough to achieve. Worry not, the answer to your problem is a cosmetic sponge! Here’s how to:

  • Paint your nails with the base color
  • On a mixing palette pour colors of your choice next to each other
  • Use a toothpick to gently blend in-between shades
  • Dab a small cosmetic sponge and stamp it on your nails
  • Top with a clear coat to set the design

Easy peasy, right?

2. Polka Dots Nail Design

This simple yet impressive print is a trend that never goes out of style. Do not be afraid to mix and match available nail polish. The goal is to have fun and show your style.

Hack: Simply dip the round tip of a bobby pin into some nail polish and use it to create the dots.

3. Multi-Color Aesthetic

Can you think of anything fresher and more fab than a multi-color nail? Pick colors that complement together and you’re good to go. Great way to create an impression of a well-thought nail design.

4. Water Marble Nails

Choose the one that makes you smile. Simply put out your go-to colors and place a drop of each into a cup of water. To create a beautiful swirl, use a toothpick and gently swirl away on the surface. Dip your finger into the cup then clean up the edges. Don’t forget to apply a layer of topcoat to seal the design.

5. French Tip Nail Accents

Whether you’ve tried it or not, French accents have become one of the staple designs. Colored outlines can flatter your nails for an ultra-feminine look.

6. Two-toned Diagonal Nail Art Designs

Another item we can take advantage of is tape. You can use this to cover half of your nail and paint the part that is not covered with a different darker or brighter polish color.

Tip: Peel up the tape before the polish dries to avoid pulling off the polish with it.

7. Nude Shade Nail Polish

Sometimes, life needs a little more neutral. To save you time deciding on nail polish shades, try sticking to the basics. These soft neutral shades when combined stand out without being too loud.

8. Reverse French Tip

Instead of the regular white French tip, why not try something more modern and whimsical! It’s nice to see some variation on this theme.
Tip: Create these colored French tips by placing the round end of a band-aid as a guide.

9. Glitter Nail Art

Another way to glam up your bare nails is with a glitter tip. It’s going to look amazing when the light catches those tiny speckles of glitter.

10. Matte and Gold Design

If you are a classic girl through and through, make an interesting twist by pairing matte polish with gold decal. This is perfect for formal occasions and dinner dates.

11. Neon Nails

Embrace color and optimism with neon. Choose from a range of vibrant colored polish to suit your personality. With just the right amount of playfulness, this design will give you a wow factor!

12. Contrast Dot Design

If polka dots are too much for you, try a base shade of your favorite color then add a contrast dot.

13. Dreamy Pastel Colors

This one is almost too easy. Creamy and cotton candy hues are a sweet pick-me-up.

14. Pastel Gingham Pattern

You have probably seen variations of gingham. But this summer-ready nail art designs is a must-try.

15. Pop of Blue Polish

Simple and sophisticated color that gives you the right amount of edge.

16. Negative Space Nails

This is the newest nail trend that is elegant and low-maintenance. This easy-to-achieve style is an option for those who doesn’t want to commit on a single-color manicure.

17. Splattered Paint Nail Art

A simple technique opens up to so many variations. Cop this beautiful mess in simple easy steps. Here’s how to:

  • Paint your nails with the base color
  • Take a straw and dip it on your nail polish
  • Blow through the straw onto the nail ls to make a splatter
  • Repeat with different colors

18. Swirly Nail Designs

You can never go wrong with gorgeous blends of color. Create fun and inspire movement by recreating swirly designs on your nails.

19. Glitter Nail Glamour

Glitter is one of the embellishments we associate with occasions. If you feel a little bit more festive, all you need is a glitter nail polish and a toothpick. You can actually pick the glitter straight from the nail polish bottle and place it on your nails the way you like it.

20. Classic Cherry Red Nails

Red means go! Red is the color of energy and passion. Forget about being subtle. Speak your strong-willed character with a bright red color. Go bold with your nails and take that spotlight!


With practice and creativity, you can master these nail designs at the comfort of your own home. We know you can definitely nail it!

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