Manicure for men in the modern world is just as important as visiting a barbershop on time and getting a new haircut for a man. And we are not necessarily talking about flashy design, it can be a very laconic or brutal manicure for men. 

Fashionable manicures for men are not always intended to shock, as before, now it is more about beauty, individual self-expression and style, as well as freedom without prohibitions and patterns. 

Among the trends and tendencies in men’s manicure and men nail art 2021-2022, one can distinguish transparency and “naked” nails, mainly matte effect, short length, black coating or patterns in black, the use of “negative space”, inscriptions and emoticons. It is worth noting that colored coating in manicures for men is gaining increasing popularity.

Let’s take a closer look at the main trends in male nail art and men’s manicure for 2021-2022, proposed further in the review and in the selection of many photos.



The trend of minimalism in manicure has been traced for a long time, both in women and men. This is the simplest and easiest men’s nail design that should definitely suit many strong men. Minimalistic patterns, dots, drawings and inscriptions allow you to make the design original and not escape from the brutality and masculinity.

With an accent

A more interesting and a little bolder design with an emphasis on one or two nails. Such manicure for men can be done in any version – edged, combined, etc., without coating and with accentuation with drawings using the stamping technique, using sliders or as a painting of a couple of marigolds.


Would you like to get a manicure with an abundance of designs on each nail? The best technique for the implementation of this type of nail art can be stamping, which allows you to easily and easily transfer different patterns from the plate using a stamp to the nail, getting perfect patterns quickly and easily.


Stylish and laconic manicure for men is presented with geometric designs that can be different on each individual nail and hand. The nail artist make very thin lines with the help of gel paint, a spider web; geometric shapes in bright colors, for example, red, give expressiveness.


A somewhat simplified version of the “geometry” nail design for men is offered in the form of a matte manicure with stripes. To get thin stripes, it is best to use “cobweb” gel paint, and the strips themselves can be made in pairs horizontally and vertically, alternating them on different nails.


The novelty and trend of manicure in 2021-2022 is the use of patterns in the form of monograms, which look very stylish as a decoration for one nail in a fashionable manicure for men.


One of the most popular nail design options for men are lettering on each finger or a word on one of the fingers. You can even use whole sentences in the form of mottos or slogans.


An ingenious interpretation of the well-known moon design technique looks great in a man’s manicure. Matte black dimples neatly traced on short nails will accentuate masculinity. One nail can be highlighted with the inscriptions.


You can use a gradient to accent one of the nails in a manicure with different techniques. Matte black gradient with a transition to unpainted “negative space”, lettering, print with a “reptile” effect, bright nails with spider web stripes – all this can be combined in one fashionable nail design for men.

Logos & Brands

The fashion trend in men’s manicure 2021-2022 will be the use of lettering in the form of brand names and logos. The index finger can be decorated with the name of your favorite brand, while the rest of the nails can be monochromatic, with “natural textures,” and always with a matte finish.

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